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SleepCenterNYC: About Us

SleepCenterNYC is the certified sleep disorder center run by Heart and Lung Associates, P.C. (a Division of Maiden Lane Medical PLLC).

Along with our program for sleep diagnostics, we offer general pulmonary medicine services.

We are a multi-disciplinary, group medical practice located in Bayside, Queens.

Office Hours

Dr. Mann- 11 am to 4 pm

Dr. Mann- 12 pm to 6 pm

No hours

Dr. Mann- 11 am to 4 pm

Dr. Mann- 9 am to 1 pm



  • Michael Resnick, Certified Sleep Technologist and Respiratory Therapist
  • Susan Ornstein, Certified Nutritionist
  • Jason Garcia, PFT technician
  • Javier Rivera, PFT technician

Our staff is a group of dedicated individuals, each of whom plays a critical role in seeing to it that the care our patients receive is always outstanding. They have been hand-picked based upon their demonstrated commitment to patient service, and share the desire of our physicians to provide the finest, and most attentive care possible.

Feel free to ask any staff member your questions, and express to him or her, any concerns that you may have. Each is prepared to answer your question, or bring it to the attention of one of the medical staff for resolution.


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Fast Facts

Title: When to Keep and Asthmatic Child Home
Area: Pulmonary Medicine

Talk with your child's doctor about when you should have your child stay home from school because of asthma. Mild asthma symptoms can usually be handled at school, but you should consider what triggered the asthma, the stability of his/her peak flows, the presence of fever and how much medicine your child is taking before sending him/her off to school.